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Howdy. This is one among billions of blogs dedicated to writing about, discussing, and rating music. I’m an aspiring music critic/historian and plan on using this as an outlet for my writings on albums, artists, singles, EPs, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

For a brief idea of how I approach music, I make no claim to any sort of objective truth. This is simply how I feel about the merits and demerits of any given piece of music; with that said, here’s a rundown of my tastes so you know how I lean.

Above all else, I’m a texture and rhythm fiend. Melodies, harmonies, and lyrics are nice, but they don’t usually grab me if neither of those first two components are particularly strong. With that in mind, my favorite musical artists and genres tend to be a bit more on the experimental side of things, although I have a healthy appreciation for songs with a well-crafted hook.

For quite a while, the reviews you see on the site will be of albums from decades past. I’m trying to get a better understanding of how “popular music” has developed into the multi-headed beast it is today, so I take the time to listen to every (available) album of an artist that seems crucial for understanding a given genre. For example, even though she continued releasing music far past her artistic prime, I’ve listened to 25 Dionne Warwick albums just to get a better understanding of her craft and Brill Building in general. Plus, it feeds my raging completionist streak.

In addition to album reviews, I’ll be posting lists, essays, and other musings that deal with the music world. Again, they’ll deal with older topics for quite a while, then slowly work their way towards the present day.

In closing, if anybody has suggestions for albums or artists to check out, comments on a particular album, or any insight to offer, I’m all ears. Music geekery is better when you have someone to share it with.


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