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AfterglowAfterglow (1968)

If you’ve heard anything about this album, it’s probably about “Suzie’s Gone” as some sort of lost psych gem, and true to its reputation, the track is a messy, unhinged wonder. Yet strange as it sounds, the grinding, morse-code rhythms and doomed incantations strike these ears as more post-punk than acid. All the more cause for a listen, then.

For whatever reason, Afterglow are content to spend the rest of their time in more conventional waters, occasionally stretching themselves with fuller harmonies and overambitious chord changes that have a wooly sort of B-movie charm. Tart Farfisa, repetitive melodies, and a wavering drummer complete the low-budget snapshot, though the use of space for a lonesome, restless, vaguely rustic sound surely deserved further development.



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