Sonny & Cher

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Look at UsLook at Us (1965)

The title suggests a certain fecklessness, doesn’t it? “Look at us,” it seems to say, “we can give that whole Wall of Sound thing a try! And folk-rock? Piece of cake.”

Once you listen to the thing, though, a different story emerges: “Look at us! We’re in such a rush we can’t even bother to nail our entrances on a Motown tune! Sure, my husband sounds like a weasel, abuses double-tracking, and accentuates my nasal tendencies to the point where the few highlights are barely that, but we’ll figure out this whole record business. Just wait and see.”


The Wondrous World of Sonny & CherThe Wondrous World of Sonny & Cher (1966)

Basically, a more competent redo of the debut. The Spectorisms are cleaner and “Laugh at Me” sees Sonny use his perpetual confusion to (inadvertently) endearing ends, but the story remains the same: Cher deserves better.



In Case You're in LoveIn Case You’re in Love (1967)

As our favorite purveyors of marital kitsch hurtle ever closer to absurdity, one can’t help but be almost impressed by the ornamental excess. “Living for You” is so lacking in restraint as to nearly be a trip—which, in one respect, might make it a more successful response to psych than the rest of this.



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